I want to go up. Up, up up.

How can I go up?
Trying to go up is a physical action in which I will not succeed. It is about the attempt.I will get tired. You will see muscle power. You will see failure.
The failure is interesting, because what is failure?
A glass window. I saw an old glas window outside. It is not yet broken, but will possibly break when I fall. If I fall. Should I fall?
When you go up, is there a way back? 

I am a women.
I am a women and I want to go up.
There should be no difference between men and women.
I want to go up my own way.
 Can I break the glass?
I have to sing.
I didn’t sing in a performance before. I have to sing somewhere. To challenge myself.
Intuitively I choose Laat Me.

Intuitively I choose to wear high heels (power) and a boxing short (fighting). I choose to wear nothing at the upper body. Wearing a top feels weak. Wearing a top makes it more a fighting outfit or something.
I don’t know. I’m tired. It just feels the best option to wear nothing. 
I cannot think anymore. So I don’t think. I go into action. I will try to climb up and I will not succeed. That’s perfect.
Concept & performance: Elky Rosa Gerritsen
Duration: 6 minutes
Location: Thiemeloods
NO(RM) is created during PAS#80 in collaboration with PAS – Performance Art Studies and POPOP Performance Hub.